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Welcome to Chris Meister’s Coastlight.Com

This site has been established way back in 1997 and serves as my home on the web. Thanks for stopping by! Nowadays, most of the blog content is available in German only as this is the preferred language of my friends and family. Despite the presence of the big social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook,Glen Canyon a personal blog is still a great way to share information and photos and keep in touch with the folks. After all, it is accessible by anyone and no membership is required.

I am a passionate traveller and enjoy to share the latest discoveries from around the globe. As a professional IT specialist and programmer, I like to keep things up to date and test out new web technologies. These pages have been hand-coded on a Mac and are hosted on my server in the United States.

Where to Start?

No clue where you should start? Just use the navigational links at the top and bottom of this page or search for specific keywords from the corresponding menu (lookout for the magnifying glass). For more information about Coastlight.Com and me, I recommend a stopover at the about page. Are you more interested in pictures than text? To view the images of my journeys around the world, browse to the photo gallery section or take a look at the frequently updated blog pages.